A Transformative Week of Embodied LGBTQIA+ Wellness and Radical Revelry where the Rainforest Meets the Beach


March 12th – 19th 2022

Let’s heal together and reclaim our radiance! 

soul nourishment

queer trans joy

In-person Yoga Retreat with Avery Kalapa, Tiger Rahman, Farah Nousheen and friends

March 12-19th 2022

8 days, 7 nights at the Oceanfront Eco-Resort

Blue Osa, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Online Registration is Closed.

But we still have 3 more spots!

Email Avery at avery@yogawithavery.com to inquire.

$100 discount

for BIPOC and trans folks


Space is limited. Vaccinations required. 

LGBTQIA yoga teachers Tiger Rahman, Avery Kalapa and Farah Nousheen

Imagine feeling completely at peace with who you are. 

Being able to fully breathe, relax and laugh,

To expand through strong, gorgeous embodied healing in community,

To feel fresh gratitude inspired by tender intimacy with nature, 

To dwell in deep rest,

And open up to the pleasure of just being present…

Being queer is a blessing, but navigating a cis het world steeped in systemic oppresssion is exhausting, complex, and heartbreaking.

In order to survive, maybe you’ve sometimes disconnected from your body, your needs, or even certain parts of your sweet, sacred self. While it’s gotten you this far, you know it’s time for a deep shift. 

It’s time for a deep care reset.

queers in nature

A tropical beach Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica just for Queer and Trans folks is something edgy – for so long it’s felt way too risky, too big. 

Like my first discoveries of queer love, nonbinary truth, and transness – it was stretch to even believe that is something like this could be possible and within reach. 

It is a leap of faith to trust in such a dream. To get to explore this deep yoga work, in this space, with you… has been a dream for so long. 

And now, it is a reality. 

I so want this for you – for us – for our community! 

What Makes this Retreat Special?


  • A week of tropical ocean and rainforest gaycation rejuvenation at an off-the-grid, gay owned gorgeous eco Retreat Center where we’ll have the whole place to ourselves!


  • Affirming, adaptive daily Iyengar yoga, meditation, and pranayama that is truly transformative, in a gorgeous ocean view fully equipped studio with beautiful props


  • 3 delicious, creative farm-to-table organic meals. Mostly plant based, plus some animal protein: local eggs, chicken, fish. Optional smoothies, juices, cocktails, mocktails!


  • Ample time to chill, play, nap, swim in the ocean or the chemical-free pool. Explore the gardens, labyrinth, trails. Enjoy the spa, get a massage. Savor some alone time, or connect in community. Tarot, cute outfits, what will you tuck into your suitcase to enjoy here? 


  • 30 second walk to miles of pristine beach, perfect for swimming


  • Abundant nature connection in an area National Geographic has named one of the 10 most biodiverse places on the planet


  • Silent birdwatching guided hike in the jungle at dawn


  • Spirituality rooted in land and lineage to weave a brave space container


  • Affinity gatherings for BIPOC, Femmes of all genders, Fat Positive Space, Trans + Nonbinary folks


  • A special Bedtime Partner Yoga session. Find a new friend, or BYO


  • Queer philosophy discussions, journaling, facilitated reflection


  • Dance party on the deck!


  • Optional Gender-expansive Body-Love Naked Ocean Bathing Ritual


  • Space to honor your heart’s truest yes, see where it leads, and soak up living your best life!


queer trans yoga retreat special deals

Online Registration is closed as of Jan.31st

There’s still room for you if you want to come though – it’s not too late! 

3 spots left.

Email Avery to connect. Use the form at the bottom of this page. 

COVID vaccination required for all participants. 



“OMG I feel like I’ve breathed more in the last week than I have in the last few months.”

Lea (she, they) - recent retreat participant

What would it feel like to let go of the layers of armor, to soften and be seen, to play and explore freely, the inner and outer wilderness? 

To let the salty, flirtatious ocean and fresh, clean, warm morning breeze caress you, and know that you are worthy of these moments of happiness?

And to know deeply, that whenever challenges come, you’re connected to your inner strength and guidance. 

This is an incredible opportunity that will catalyze so much goodness in your life!

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? Does your body feel stiff, stagnant, out of balance? Do you feel mentally scattered, emotionally stuck?

With everything we’re coping with, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, run down.

Sometimes we don’t know how much we’re really carrying until we can *actually* let loose and relax.

When it comes to centering your own care though, it’s not so simple.

Yoga can be profoundly healing, but sadly most yoga spaces – much less Retreats – are not welcoming to folks like us.

Harmful mainstream culture is often replicated in yoga spaces through its cis, hetrero, white, classist norms. Pressure to assimilate runs rampant. 

It can be hard to find yoga that welcomes the whole you, so you can experience fluid stability, pain-relieving anatomical alignment, somatic release, and embodied healing. 

Maybe you’ve never even imagined doing something like this, because you know this type of thing isn’t for people like you. 

Well, this time, it is. 

Queer space can provide such a palpable relief. Now imagine that for a whole week – a gorgeous, magical adventure just for us. A deep dive immersion that allows for profound integration and reclamation of self. 

You are so worthy of this type of luscious, transformative journey.  Imagine having this to look forward to!

Give yourself permission to untangle the inner knots, to relax and awaken to the deeper authentic expression of who you are.

In so doing, you create space for that journey for everyone around you, which empowers all the way we’re showing up for collective change. 

Free from shame, free from binary gender. 

Glorious and rooted in your truth!

queer self care

Socially Conscious Yoga

It’s true, it’s a huge privilege to travel and experience a week long Retreat. And it’s also true that allowing yourself to experience this in and of itself is a healing process. A chance to clear out outdated stories about self worth and what’s possible. Investing in your health and happiness can feel like a brave stretch. This level of care, healing, play, and relaxation will have a lot of very real positive ripple effects – not only through the impact on your own life, but also in the good work it helps support. 

We affirm eachother’s worth and wholeness when we gather together for play, healing, and joy!

For many of us, queer identity is political, not just about sexual orientation and gender, so equity and accessibility are often important shared values. With discounts for BIPOC and trans participants, a few deep scholarships for QTBIPOC built in, a portion of the proceeds going to a QTBIPOC healing project in Costa Rica and to the local Indigenous Guaymi people whose lands we will be guests on, and by supporting an LGBTQ+ owned sustainable Retreat center and QT yoga facilitators, this is an opportunity to invest in an amazing experience that also uplifts your values. You may be thinking, ‘I wish this type of experience could be accessible to everyone.’ Another cool thing is that by offering these larger scale queer trans yoga immersions, I am able to more sustainably offer low and no cost yoga to our community throughout the rest of the year. 

What about Covid?

The new omicron surge sucks, and is super stressful. However, it is fast moving and it looks like March will be a relatively good time to travel…

…and if you’re going to travel, this is a pretty ideal way to do it.

The decision of when, if, and how to travel during this complex, challenging pandemic era is a personal decision and one to weigh out soberly. There are many risks and benefits to assess, and not one right answer for everyone. While distancing and isolation have been essential tools, how do we stay nourished for the long haul, and how can we spend our risk budget most wisely, so that our needs for connection, pleasure, rest, and happiness are met?

Can we hold definitions of community care and harm reduction that are deep and wide, nuanced, personal? What does it look like for you to thrive?

Many of us are working to dismantle systems of harm; part of that work is imagining, building and experiencing in real time what we are working to cultivate.

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore this, in a relatively low contact way. Costa Rica has a very high vaccination rate (around 90%!) and the lowest case numbers in Central America... a much better situation that most places in the US. Blue Osa has taken every precaution to create a healthy and supportive environment for its staff and guests. They are grateful and excited to welcome our small group of healthy vaccinated adults. They are not open to us postponing the retreat, however, which has taken substantial investment to secure. So, it’s happening! Click here for more information on Blue Osa’s Covid policies and travel to Costa Rica.

Check out these Instagram Lives for some great info! Avery and Tiger Q&A, Avery + Farah, and Avery and Aaron, Blue Osa’s founder.


Come as you are.

Part of having a queer and/or trans body in our stressful modern era is dealing with its challenges – pain and stiffness, joint instability, neck and shoulder problems, back and knee issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, illness… Don’t worry – your body challenges won’t hold you back from experiencing the retreat. Classes will be adaptive, meaning each pose can be customized for your needs or we’ll find an alternative.  I teach all of my classes in a way that centers accessibility, attending to your work in the pose to bring you into balance. 

This is an invitation to explore radical sovereignty and self compassion within your own body and mind. Non-harming –  ahimsa – is foundational to our practice. Let’s delight in practice together that allows for real relief!

This retreat is perfect for solo travellers! Or come with friends for the most epic week together. And of course, what an incrediby luscious thing to experience with your lover(s)…

“Avery has always made me feel at ease in their classes. As a genderqueer person, this has not always been the case in typical yoga spaces. Avery creates an environment of growth through their direction and presence. One that encourages me to challenge myself, working with my body, not against it, with gentle reminders to stay present.”

Patti (she, her)

The Practice: Yoga with Avery

Iyengar yoga provides vigorous and challenging, yet adaptive and supportive practice to make transformative yoga sadhana accessible to all bodies.

We’ll use props and inspired sequencing responsive to your needs both in active, dynamic asana and deeply restorative relaxation poses and breathwork.

We’ll unpack the Yoga Sutras through a queer lens and invite your wisdom to the circle as we weave new, inspiring possibilites into existence. 

My decades-long background in yoga has been focused on functional anatomy, stability, and alignment. I am a rigorous teacher, but also compassionate and nurturing.

Skillful at helping those with a range of motion challenges, I understand how to work intelligently and safely to open up, while also helping folks with hypermobile bodies to adjust their practice to find stability. 

Explore structural reorganization and right relationship in your joints, rebuild the neutral curves and fluid movement of the spine, and explore integrative core and pelvic floor health. This will  globally decompress the body, allowing for supple autonomous movement, inner body length, and nervous system regulation. This physical foundation allows for mental, emotional, and energetic alignment and profound spiritual connection. 

Dive deep through strong, dynamic work, and deep release that takes you beyond the known –  in ways that are truly beneficial for your body, and every other layer of your being. 

Asana, pranayama, and philosophy become much more meaningful through an anti-oppression lens. We will explore the full system of yoga in a way that uplifts our values around social change and collective healing, that integrates our physical practice with the rest of our lives.

Juicy, playful embodied spirituality is a conduit for inner and collective transformation! 

If you’re a queer yoga teacher, this is an amazing opportunity to not only deepen your skillset but also experience a whole new level of affirming, inspiring, empowering practice. It will open new doors of possibility in yourself and your teaching. (Plus, it provides CEUs and it’s probably a tax deductible trip!)

The Place

Blue Osa is the perfect spot for our Retreat. 

Rooted in sustainability and spirituality, Blue Osa was designed to help make profound transformation simple. As an eco-friendly resort, Blue Osa uses less energy in 1 week than the average American family of four! They run mostly on solar power, are grid neutral, work closely with sustainable local businesses, and have their own organic farm. 

The Osa Peninsula is the ancestral lands of and home to the present day Guaymi de Osa, or Ngobe people. It is known as a ‘jewel of the natural world,’ where generations of Indigenous and allied activists have protected diverse native plants and animals. On this small stretch of land represents 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity! It will be an incredible honor to visit this place.  


map Costa Rica queer trans yoga retreat at Blue Osa
Costa Rica

Also, Costa Rica is well known for being a welcoming place for LGBTQIA+ travelers. 

Blue Osa is right on the beach, with tropical rainforest surrounding every other side. 

The beach is a 30-second walk from Blue Osa. This makes it easy for you to wake up in the morning at sunrise and stroll down to the ocean for a morning swim as the jungle awakens. 

blue ova queer trans yoga retreat

And when I say Blue Osa is a queer welcoming space, I mean we’ll have the whole place to ourselves as the only overnight guests for the week. Blue Osa’s bright and spacious yoga studio equipped with beautiful Iyengar Yoga props, the lush tropical gardens, the labyrinth, a beautiful chemical-free pool – all spaces for us to freely enjoy. As a gay-owned resort, Blue Osa is committed to being a welcoming, healing space for all. 

Especially for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming folks, anything involving bathing suits in public can be anxiety producing. This secluded, private beach is the perfect spot to be able to relax and connect with the ocean. 

You also have the option of luxuriating with spa services – as a retreat participant you’ll get a gift certificate towards a holistic healing treatment of your choice! Jump on eco-tour adventures… Or you may just want to relax with friends by the pool. 

The food here is ridiculously beautiful. Blue Osa’s organic permaculture farm supplies fruit, veggies, and herbs. At the core of being eco-friendly, Blue Osa’s farm-to-table, primarily plant-based cuisine invites you to experience the freshest possible ingredients that are hand-picked daily. Juice and smoothies will be available too. Health is wealth! 

The Community

This retreat is for you.

It’s for you in the fullest sense of your full on, fluid, brave, tender, work-in-progress, politically rad, weirdo, queer self.

And – you will be in such good company. 

A big part of any Retreat is the people on the journey with you.

The connections we make through affirming community allow us to discover a deeper sense of wholeness and self love.

LGBTQIA+ folks are often on the front line, working for social change and helping others heal. You know self care and community care are interconnected, that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

When we’re relaxed and connected to others, it’s a gift that flows in all directions.

This Retreat is specially designed to create an inclusive, warm, welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ from diverse social locations. We gather for practice, play, healing pleasure and radical rest as a sacred way to deeply replenish,  connect us to our purpose, and thus nourish collective change. 

“I leapt into Avery’s Retreat without having studied with them or knowing Iyengar yoga. I arrived ready to embrace the unknown, honor and connect with the land and its species, disrupt old and create new patterns in my body and mind, and reimagine what it means to be in community with strangers (many who organically became friends).

The energy, foods, and experiences that were shared among the group were life supporting, affirming, and playful.

Avery’s ability to facilitate care in a yoga space allowed for potent conversations, a foundation for transformative healing that I will revere and reference throughout my life, and a sense alignment with and curiosity about my deepest truths.

The metaphor for myself experiencing the retreat is an onion—spicy, strong, sweet, complex, textured, grounding, layered, dense. Supported by the land, Avery’s mindful awareness, and the community they brought together, invoked feelings of caramelization—a sense of spreading, softening, warming, and sweetness pulsing through my senses and spirit. Simultaneously, I felt sliced open—weeping and peeling back old layers and patterns in mind, movement, consciousness and unconsciousness. As a kid, I despised onions, and now they are among my most treasured foods. Onions, to me, represent change, evolution, intersection, and opening, and they also pair wonderfully with other things.

This retreat and symbolism is a reminder that I can always welcome new space to expand, express and seek liberation, and often most radically among the collective. I feel ready to build off this foundation in relation to myself, my chosen and ancestral families, and in service to the community.”

Jamie (she, they)

Um… Also, we won’t JUST be doing Yoga!

We’re going to be in a tropical wonderland with the loveliest of the lovely people – so YES there will be much revelry. 

Should you bring fun outfits….maybe the kind of dress ups conducive to hiking through the jewel toned jungle and spontaneous photo shoots? YES. Will there be dance parties? Yes. 

Opportunities to cuddle, flirt, feel cute, remember what’s yummy about being in relationship with yourself and other beings… YES. 

Time for tarot, stargazing, journaling, astrology convos? For sure, if that’s your cup of tea. 

And if not, that’s fine too. We get to create this space together. Your authenticity and truth in the moment IS the magic ingredient here. 

Will there be laughter, emotion, connection, and friendship…? Definitely.

Avery, queer trans yoga tacher, in a hammock

Meet your Retreat Organizer and Teacher:

Avery Kalapa (they, them)

Hi! I’m Avery, and I have a major crush on life. I’m a community weaver, queer and trans wellness advocate, and CIYT, eRYT500, YACEP, BFA and committed yoga teacher with over 20 years experience.

I love creating space for impactful healing transformation for queers, outsiders, change makers, and beloved community too often left out of mainstream yoga. Well loved for my somatic precision, rigor, enthusiasm, accessibility, commitment to justice oriented spirituality, and depth of technique, my teaching reflects my reverence and gratitude for the profound lineage and practice of Iyengar Yoga.

You can learn more about me here.

Thanks for considering joining us!

Tiger Rahman

Meet our Guest Facilitator:


Tiger Rahman (they/he)

is a Black, queer, transmasculine yoga and astrology practitioner, and a full-time organizational strategist, researcher and analyst with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Learning from George Washington University.

To Tiger, organizations and groups are the cornerstone of human social life, and self-leadership is what guides our action. Their project “Live Your Own Life” is a call for all individuals to set aside the ways of thinking we’ve adopted without critical analysis and go deeper to rediscover our power, purpose, and infinite potential for contribution.

Tiger facilitates this through heartful reflection, contemplation of yogic philosophy, and continuous self study. Tiger completed his 200 hour YTT in St Louis with Yoga Pipeline and now serves on their board and guest faculty. Tiger completed their 300 hour YTT with Susanna Barkataki, and in 2021 was fortunate to join the Ignite team in mentoring BIPOC students in her 300 hour program.

Follow Tiger @liveyourown.life on Instagram or check out their writing and class offerings at www.liveyourown.life.

Meet our Guest Facilitator:

Farah Nousheen (she/her)

Farah currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the original lands of the Pueblo, Diné, Jicarilla Apache peoples.

She identifies as working-class, immigrant, queer South Asian Muslim, and works in multiple social and cultural realms to enact creative, educational and healing responses to rising cultural tides of racism and white supremacy. In response to 9/11, Farah co-founded the Seattle-based non-profit media-arts organization Tasveer, whose mission is to inspire social change through thought-provoking South Asian films, art, and storytelling.

After the fatal election of 2016, Farah organized to form the Yoga for People of Color Sangha that creates intentional gathering spaces with self-identified people of color for self-care, healing, empowerment, and liberation. Farah has an MA in American Studies (University of New Mexico, 2015) and 200-hour and 300-hour teaching certifications in hatha yoga.

She facilitates weekly yoga and meditation for people of color, survivors, LGTBQIA2S+ folx, and other groups. She regularly organizes gatherings and events broadly related to South Asian progressive arts culture, critical race theory in education, Pride, Palestine liberation, and spiritual healing and justice.


RETREAT DATES: Saturday March 12th - Saturday March 19th, 2022

Here's all the juicy details:

What’s included

    • 7 nights, 8 days stay at Blue Osa. Luxurious, beautiful open air accomodation with ocean views!
    • 3 meals together daily. Mostly plant based, with eggs and a few other animal protein options offered
    • Daily yoga, meditation, pranayama
    • Welcome night Happy Hour party
    • Guided walk with birdwatching
    • Ample time to rest, nap, swim, explore
    • $50 spa credit for each Guest!
    • Transport to and from Puerto Jimenez Airport
    • 10% Costa Rica hotel tax and processing fees
    • A special Bedtime Partner Yoga ritual
    • Journaling, magic, queer philosophy and facilitated group connection
    • Open practice sessions for massage trades, freeform movement, self practice
    • Dance party on the deck!
    • Optional Gender-expansive Body-Love Naked Ocean Bathing Ritual
    • Affinity gatherings for BIPOC, femmes, Trans + Nonbinary folks 
    • Not included
    • Airfare to Costa Rica
    • Airfare between San Jose and Puerto Jimenez
    • Lodging in San Jose if needed before/ after Retreat
    • Air conditioning – we’re off the grid! Embrace nature 🙂
    • Spa treatments
    • Extra Excursions, Tours
    • Gratuities for the staff
    • Alcoholic and specialty drinks
    • Travel Insurance
    • Covid related requirements for re-entry



    In the spirit of community care and respect for the people and lands we will be visiting, all Retreat participants must be current with Covid 19 vaccination.


    Online registration is closed. But it’s not too late to join us! Email Avery to connect.  






    Full Price:

    Double Occupancy per person $2350

    Triple Occupancy per person $2200






    Choose to have your own big bed, or to share a bed with a sweetie or close friend. Coming alone? We’ll find you the best roommate possible. Each room is spacious, beautifully furnished has a private bath.

    Contact Avery about single or quadruple occupancy.



    Discounts and Deals!

    Trans and or BIPOC discount! Save $100

    Use coupon code at check out: IAMLOVED


    Once 12 folks sign up, 2 50% off Scholarships and 1 Full Scholarship becomes available for QTBIPOC friends!


    **This Retreat is a dedicated space for people who identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, intersex, asexual, and or queer.




    Travel Insurance is highly recomended.

    Covid vaccines required.


    Because of Covid, this retreat is not recommended for immune compromised folks.



    Be sure your passport is current. US nationals do not require an entry visa to Costa Rica. However, you must have a current valid passport and a return ticket to exit Costa Rica within 90 days.


    Learn more about Blue Osa:

    They have a great FAQ www.blueosa.com/faq  

    How to get there? See this section of the Blue Osa website.


    Getting there:

    The easiest way: Book your International flight in and out of San Jose. There are some flights that get in with enough time to book the domestic flight on Sansa or another local airline out to Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula the same day, especially of your are flying from the East Coast.
    Many International flights get in late afternoon though, so in that case plan to arrive to San Jose the day before the Retreat starts, March 11th, and stay the night in San Jose, then fly over to the Osa Peninsula the next day. You will have the option to coordinate amongst others in our group so you can link up with other Retreaters for this arrival night, share rides, find a dancefloor?! ..be in a queer travel pod, if you like!
    You may want to plan flights home with a similar rhythm. 

    Your rides between Puerto Jimenez and Blue Osa are included in the Retreat cost.


    The small 45 minute flight to the Osa Pensula is very scenic and beautiful! This adventure off the beaten path means we will get to experience some of the most pristine, wild nature… a very special opportunity.
    Book your flights soon!

    Booking flights in Costa Rica: Contact Blue Osa’s Team at Blue Osa Travels, BlueOsaTravels@Gmail.com to get exclusive rates with Sansa Air free of charge. Check out their helpful Q&A about travel to Blue Osa.



    In the unlikely event that we must cancel due to natural disaster, illness, border closures due to Covid etc, we cannot guarantee a refund – however, we will reschedule the retreat! If we cancel due to not enough signs ups, we will offer a full refund. If you must cancel due to unforeseen illness, etc, we cannot provide a refund. As soon as a deposit is made, these funds are used to secure travel, housing, meals, supervision and other expenses to arrange the trip for you, and in turn secure the livelihood of the staff and community at Blue Osa. They are excited to welcome our group!



    Still have questions? Email Avery
    LGBTQIA yoga teachers Tiger Rahman, Avery Kalapa and Farah Nousheen