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If you only knew how much a committed yoga practice would change your life, you’d drink from that nectar every day.

Too many counterculture yoga lovers want a deeper, more committed practice, but don’t realize how within reach it is, if they had the right support. 

Because the truth is, you weren’t meant to do it alone…

It takes a lot of tenacity and courage to break free from old patterns… to have a practice.

Without support and skillful guidance, it’s way too easy to fall off the path. 

Thankfully, the myth of the rugged individual is crumbling fast. Spiritual practice is often deeply personal and internal, but it blossoms through sangha – community. 

We are strengthened

through reciprocation.

The times we’re in are relentless. Threshold times. Intense times. No-going-back emergent times. 

These times are demanding a lot from us. We want to thrive, but sometimes just surviving feels like a stretch. We want collective change, but holding onto a sense of radical imagination feels empty when you’re anxious, your body hurts, or you’re overextended. 

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted… of postponing you own care?

There’s no better time than now to reset your navigation: get more embodied, resourced, able to be decisive, compassionate… rooted in your heart’s truth.

May you be nourished, may our movements be nourished. 

You don’t need to “just get through it” alone. Your breath, body, practice, and a beautiful container of support are here for you.

Are you ready to reclaim your love of life?

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Dive deep into a more committed, satisfying, life changing practice:

Become a member of the Sadhana Support Collective – a yoga membership lovingly curated by Avery Kalapa, who brings over 2 decades of rich study, devotion, facilitation skills, and daily practice to nurture YOUR journey. 


Try it FREE for 7 days! We can’t wait to meet you


The more we practice yoga, the better everything else unfolds. And this can look so many ways! A practice can expand and contract as needed.

We practice showing up (abhyasa) but without attachment (vairagya)…It’s NOT about performing perfectionism (ew) but rather about exploring how we relate to practice as a teacher – our joy, “success,” “failures,” and suffering included. These are all opportunities for inquiry, awareness, and through this, freedom and compassion. 

And after months of work, I’m thrilled to be rolling out the JUICED UP 2.0 of this subscription. In the next couple weeks, it’s all going live. I’m so excited for you to experience it for yourself!

This is the best way to enjoy the benefits of a socially conscious yoga practice with me.


This subscription is bringing me more healing on so many levels, more than you can imagine. Blessings…”

Ilene D, she,, her

When you practice yoga, you are in a process of transformation at every level of your being.


As you bloom, it’s incredibly powerful to be witnessed.

Come share your wisdom, vulnerability, and truth.


When you relate to others who are also on the path, it affirms your truth and gives the illumination of practice ‘sticking power.’


“Avery – Practice last night was unspeakably beautiful. You have such a profound ability to hold space and facilitate depth. Thank you SO much for inviting me & for the incredibly necessary work that you do.”

Claire Howard, she,, her

Become an SADHANA SUPPORT COLLECTIVE Member and get easy access to a gorgous container designed to help you get free:

  • Unlimited access to all Avery’s transformative Livestream Classes – 4 per week!

  • Unlimited On Demand – hundreds of great practices; growing all the time… plus access replays of all the member only Workshop and Guest Teacher Spark Sessions.

  • A members-only *Deep Dive Yoga Workshop with Avery each month exploring juicy topics to empower your practice! Every last Thursday 

  • Monthly members only *Guest Teacher Yoga Philosophy Spark Sessions – amazing opportunity for intimate study with amazing Yoga Experts of diverse lived experiences: explore sacred texts, chanting, Ayurveda, and more!
  • One of the best parts: Be held, inspired, and contribute in our *Circle Community. Accountability, alignment Q&A, support from Avery, weekly practice themes, journal prompts, svadhyaya, connection with rad folks! Share your challenges and discoveries. Celebrate wins!
  • *Pathway to Transformation: (Re)design a practice that centers YOU through a simple, creative, adaptive 4 part structural framework. Create an inspired plan in your Home Practice Workbook. Chart and reflect on your progress each month, map your growth, appreciate the ripple effects and see how this positive momentum feeds into furthering your sadhana. 
  • A beautifully designed 40 page eBook: 10 Ways to Create a Satisfying Home Yoga Practice 


*new material! goes live throughout the month of August


Try your first week FREE! 

Your subscription access starts when you sign up. 

Cancel anytime.

I’ve completely redesigned this program in response to what I see my beloveds, friends, students going through. The new structure is geared to help you: 

–  Know deeply how a tangible source of happiness and peace is inside – and therefore within reach, without any reliance on external conditions/ consumption.

– Learn about your body, mind, and nervous system to empower feeling better through functional anatomy and asana.

– Fall in love with the bigger system of yoga beyond just asana (poses) and joyfully experiment with how to connect inner practices with “off the mat,” living your  yoga.

– Finally center your own care, learn how to *actually rest* and know that you are worthy of such nourishment.

– Discover for yourself the unexpected ripple effects of committed embodied spiritual practice in your life, work, projects, activism, relationships.

– Gain confidence and skill in speaking your truth, engage creatively with new perspectives and learn in a group of folks who share your values.

– Increase abaility action from a grounded place, and to let go and move on when needed, rather than constantly reacting and feeling pushed around by the world. 

– Sleep better, enjoy better breath – more regulation, balance, ease, satisfaction amidst the stresses and unknowns.

– Experience less body pain and fatigue, less mental turmoil, less emotional overwhelm.

– Access clarity and VITALITY for the the why and how you serve, show up, give, and recieve.

– Get out of your head and into your body/ heart/ happy place. HAVE FUN IN YOUR BODY!

– Develop an intimate relationship with yoga practice that stregthens your authentic self.

-Be in sangha that celebrates, validates, and affirms who you are, and who you are growing into. 

Feel connected, part of something greater. Restore faith. Reclaim a sense of purpose, of being on Your Path, worthy of existence and grateful for being alive. 


gender affirming trans yoga
anatomical foot art with the text, begin where you are
Avery practicing a yoga asana with Iyengar props and a triangle with artistic roots
yoga and activism fists raised

“Avery’s classes are queer and trans centering,

BIPOC afffirming,

and lineage accountable.”

Sarah Nahar, she, they

rainbow sun and triangle art and text describing a yoga community for people committed to the work of collective liberation

This collection of monthly services offers an incredible value. If purchased individually it is valued at over over $400! 

We live in an era of super cheap yoga apps and free videos galore. Much of this is tied to big companies selling products in a multi billion dollar yoga industry. Experience the difference… 

I offer deeply informed, personalized, accessible, dynamic, real-deal yoga that meets you where you’re at, and provides an alternative to mainstream yoga culture, so that you can deepen in this joyful, fun, healing practice and benefit from its profound potential. 

Thank you for supporting my small queer business and growing with me, in community!

A portion of Subscription proceeds go to support Honor Native Land Tax and other grassroots justice organizing. 

Membership levels:

Sadhana Support Collective is in the process of many juicy upgrades. Through the end of this month, you can still join at the low price of $88/ month. This is a great time to secure your spot at this rate! 


Unlimited Rate:  $88 + tax monthly

An incredible value, while helping sustain the project: for anyone who wants to deepen their practice.


Supportive Angel Rate:  $108 + tax monthly

Covers you plus helps others attend, in the spirit of redistribution, and community care.

Equity Rate:  $55 + tax monthly

For low income folks, especially BIPOC, and/or queer trans individuals and single parents. Contact Avery if a customized rate would make this possible for you! 

nonbinary yoga asana art

 Join Us! And catalyze miraculous unknown potentials…

“Avery’s purity of intention allows the work to be clean and clear. This has been a wonderful experience of discovery in my body.”

D.P. (she, her)