Yoga Retreat at Ghost Ranch New Mexico with queer trans Iyengar Yoga teacher Avery Kalapa
Join us for a transformative, affirming summertime Iyengar Yoga immersion in beautiful northern New Mexico

August 19th-23rd 2023


Deep, rejuvenating asana, pranayama, and philosophy  with beloved community at Ghost Ranch


Avery Kalapa

Avery Kalapa trans Iyenagr Yoga teacher making an adjustment on a student in a backbend
queer and trans centered yoga retreat in NM with Avery Kalapa
soul nourishment
Ghost Ranch Yoga retreat landscape art

5 days, 4 nights at the historic
Abiquiú, New Mexico 

A magical, immersive retreat for devoted yoga practitioners of diverse lived experience. Join us!

Discounts for Sadhana Support Collective members, BIPOC, and trans practitioners.


Options for single or double occupancy or camping.

Registration closes July 19th!


Imagine feeling completely at peace with who you are. 
Being able to fully breathe, relax…

To take in the open sky with a quiet mind. 

Embodied, strong, present. 

In order to get through life, maybe you’ve sometimes disconnected from your body, your needs, or even certain parts of your sweet, sacred Self.

While it’s gotten you this far, you know it’s time for a deep shift. And you know deep yoga practice is the medicine that you’re needing …

It’s time for a deep care reset.

Yoga with Avery retreat students in shoulderstand o Iyengar Yoga props
Yoga retreat at ghost ranch NM with Avery Kalapa


  • You’ve had a committed yoga practice for awhile and want dedicated space to go deeper into alignment based asana practice, philosophy and breath work. 
  • You would cherish spiritual practice in community that shares values around intersectionality, politicized healing, queer joy, body positivity, antiracism, and collective liberation.


  • You like being active, exploring nature, being out of range, unplugging from the hustle. You don’t need the frills of luxury to feel relaxed.


  • You’re drawn to this experience because you love yoga, are ready to take your practice to the next level, and feel excited to spend unrushed hours each day with the inner universe.


Avery Kalapa queer tran yoga teacher in a high desert art collage
Ghost Ranch NM Yoga Retreat with Avery Kalapa CIYT

“Avery has such a profound ability to hold space and facilitate depth.”

– Claire (she, her)



Avery Kalapa yoga

What Makes this Retreat Special?


  • 5 days of immersive in-person Iyengar Yoga practice Avery Kalapa CIYT, eRYT500, YACEP
  • Rigorous, adaptive, therapeutic workshop style yogasana sessions each morning, deeply relaxing pranayama and intimate, inspiring Sutra study in the afternoon, a special evening savasana session, and space for questions and educational discovery – all geared towards spiritual connection
  • Options for massage and other bodywork 
  • Time to chill, hike, connect with the land, journal, nap, and swim in the pool or nearby Lake Abiquiu


  • Community connection, profound heartfelt chats, laughter and fun with the magical people that tend to come on Avery’s retreats
  • Space to honor your heart’s truest yes, see where it leads, and soak up living your best life!
Avery Kalapa queer tran yoga teacher in a high desert art collage

“OMG I feel like I’ve breathed more in the last week than I have in the last few months.”

Lea (she, they) - recent Retreat participant

Ghost Ranch NM Yoga retreat

The landscape of Ghost Ranch – made famous by painter Georgia O’Keeffe – encompasses 21,000 acres of towering rock walls, vivid colors and vast skies.

Ghost Ranch is a place of magnificent natural beauty. It is comprised of deep, multicolored canyons and cliffs, plains, grasslands and streams. The Ranch is located on the far eastern end of the Colorado Plateau. 

A portion of the proceeds from this retreat will go to local grassroots Indigenous justice organization Pueblo Action Alliance. 


sacred play is part of queer trans liberation
Come as you are.

Part of having a body in our stressful modern era is dealing with its challenges – pain and stiffness, inflammation, joint instability, fatigue, dysphoria, dissociation, chronic conditions, etc…
Don’t worry – your body challenges won’t hold you back from experiencing the retreat.

Classes will be adaptive, meaning each pose can be customized for your needs or we’ll find an alternative. 

This approach to asana centers accessibility, attending to your work in the pose to bring you into balance. You’ll learn new ways of working to empower your practice for years to come. 

We will practice active and restorative asanas with intimacy, precision, and skillful depth. 

This is an invitation to explore radical sovereignty and self compassion within your own body and mind. Non-harming –  ahimsa – is foundational to our practice. Let’s delight in practice together that allows for real relief!

sacred play is part of queer trans liberation
Ghost Ranch food

We’ll enjoy simple, nourishing meals together.

The buffet style options at Ghost Ranch accommodate a variety of preferences.  



Yoga retreat with Avery Kalapa

“Avery is an exceptional teacher…I had forgotten how much I loved Iyengar Yoga, and benefitted from the depth and the inspiration that only a truly committed, experienced, nurturing, social justice informed, gender competent, and down to earth teacher like Avery can offer.

If you are trans, check them out! If you want to understand yoga as a deeply spiritual approach to caring for your body, mind, and heart… If you are looking for yoga informed by practices of decolonization and rooted in care for community with an awareness of the complicated history of yoga as practiced in the US- this is for you.

Daniel (he, they) - recent Retreat participant


Retreat price per person includes :

  • all yoga sessions 
  • room and board for 4 nights, 5 days 
  • 3 meals a day
  • taxes and fees
  • a special gift of gratitude!
  • a donation to Pueblo Action Alliance 
  • contribution towards equity spots for this retreat

Choose single occupancy, double occupancy, or camping.

Three 50% OFF scholarships are available for QTBIPOC! Email Avery to inquire. 

Double occupancy can be with a partner (shared bed) or friend (separate beds). If you sign up for double occupancy as a solo participant I will pair you with someone nice! Each room has a private bathroom.

The Ghost Ranch campus is large and rugged; buildings are connected by gravel paths. Expect to have a 5 minute walk between your room, the dining hall, and our yoga space.

Ghost Ranch’s camp ground is located about a 10 minute walk from the main buildings.

What’s not included: massage, gifts, transport to and from Ghost Ranch, gratuity for the Staff.
Payment plans are available, or pay in full. If you choose to make a deposit, your balance will be charged to your payment method on file in 3 equal payments over the next few months. Deposits and retreat payments are nonrefundable, as these resources are used immediately to secure your room and board. In the case of natural disaster that would require us to cancel the retreat, we will reschedule!





Sadhana Support Members: $1750

General Registration: $1900


BIPOC and trans participants use code GHOSTRANCHequity to save 10% at checkout!

double occupancy at Ghost Ranch



Sadhana Support Members: $1450

General Registration: $1600


BIPOC and trans participants use code GHOSTRANCHequity to save 10% at checkout!




camping at Ghost Ranch



Sadhana Support Members: $1,190

General Registration: $1350


BIPOC and trans participants use code GHOSTRANCHequity to save 10% at checkout!

If you camp and prefer to bring your own food, you’ll still need to pay full price which includes the Ghost Ranch meal plan. 




Meet your Retreat Organizer and Teacher:


they them

Avery has a major crush on life! They are a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (L2), community weaver at Sadhana Support Collective, and queer + trans wellness organizer; eRYT500, YACEP, BFA, with over 25 years experience. 

Celebrated for their enthusiasm, commitment to accessibility, counterculture spirituality, devotion, and depth of technique, Avery’s teaching uplifts inner healing rooted in collective liberation.

They believe all people, especially folks who have been left out of or turned off by mainstream yoga spaces, should have access to the revitalizing nourishment of deeply informed, classical yoga that goes beyond fitness, without having to code switch or assimilate in order to practice.

They center integrative functional anatomy, nervous system regulation and stability to support counter-culture yoga lovers to break the burn out cycle, be nourished, strong, and spiritually powerful without bypassing the wisdom of their body and lived experience. 

Avery’s also a community organizer, artist, parent, and gardener. They are a white, neurodiverse, queer, trans, nonbinary settler grateful to live in unceded Tiwa land, Albuquerque NM. 


QUESTIONS? be in touch…

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A note about what this retreat space is, and is not:

When we gather for healing in community, so much can come up.

We arrive with our exhaustion, physical mental and emotional pain, and our ancestor’s unresolved wounds, too. While this space is trauma informed and yes, healing, it is not a space to specifically work with or address trauma. Avery is not a mental health professional. Yoga is therapeutic, but it is not therapy. While embodiment, yoga, and community connection are powerfully healing, this space is not a replacement for mental or other health care.

As a teacher, Avery will tend with care whatever arises. We embrace the messy, imperfect ways healing happens, and we practice knowing our own limits. We will create community agreements, build trust, and explore helpful boundaries.

Avery asks that everyone who joins explores thier own capacity, expectations, role and contribution to what makes a brave space, what are your needs and desires for this experience, what tools for regulation do you already have, that you can bring with you?

We ask for a commitment to show up as fully, and honestly as possible to this space. We value ahimsa, and satya (nonviolence, truth) and with humility have immense faith in the power of these practices in shared community space.

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