Valentine's Queer Couples Yoga Retreat

This romantic 4 day, 3 night LGBTQIA couples retreat is a gorgeous opportunity to nourish you, your partner, and your love in sacred space.

Discover new dimensions of conscious connection!

This carefully designed retreat supports your healing and happiness – as individuals, and as a couple in a romantic relationship – through yoga, breath, relaxation, somatic intimacy skills, pleasure practices, compassionate communication, play and deep rest. 

Savor beautiful meals, soak, sauna, disappear to your beautiful room, all in a private historic adobe lodge, surrounded by nature, just for us queers!

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  • Affirming, adaptive Yoga asana, Meditation and Pranayama practice to get centered and lovingly secure within your own Self.  

  • Develop a unique Lover’s Toolkit with your partner for co regulation + connection through somatic intimacy skills, sensation play, games, and pleasure practices.


  • Discover new dimensions of connection through somatics, compassionate communication, breath, embodiment, and more!

  • Partner Yoga + Massage Trade workshop where you’ll learn a sweet sequence you can do together at home.


  • Restorative Partner Yoga: Luscious guided relaxation in fully supported asanas and conscious cuddle configurations.


  • Erotic Blueprint & Body Mapping workshop to explore your unique wiring when when it comes to arousal and pleasure. This helps partner’s better communicate their intimate needs and desires, feel seen by their partner, more present, confident, relaxed & attuned.


  • Intimacy Coaching exercises to deepen communication and understanding while also building embodied empathy, trust, and listening skills. 

  • Playful ritual, a collective healing alter, and a lovingly crafted container to support you and your sweetheart in engaging in romantic relationship as a sacred path of healing.

  • Intimate Games that inspire new ways of connecting that increase novelty, play, romance, and pleasure.