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Yoga rooted in collective liberation

Transformative healing within and collective change are inextricably connected.

We know the old paradigms are destructive, but how to create something different, when oppressive social conditioning is woven into our nervous systems? 

Classical yoga grounded in alignment based asana practice empowers us to reorganize at the root level.

Cultivate inner freedom to transform how you show up in the world!

And when we explore this work together, we are affirmed in our inherent wholeness and belonging.

Are you someone who…

Loves yoga – or you want to – but you’re frustrated that so much modern yoga is a reductive version of fitness flow that prioritizes conforming to a performative image, “positive vibes,” and toxic weight loss ideals?

Maybe the atmospheric pressure of cis-het, white centering, ableist yoga spaces have left you feeling like yoga isn’t for you.

I’m here to tell you, it is.  

Asana can be amazing, but you want to go deeper than just ‘doing poses.’

You know there’s so much more potential to this practice…

Maybe you’ve gotten hurt in an asana class, or are frustrated with teachers who can’t offer the right alignment for your body.

Maybe you feel stuck in a rut, or are you having a hard time getting “back into it.”

You don’t fit into the typical yoga class, and you don’t want to… but you DO want a teacher who sees you.

You want relief from pain, need to learn to *actually* relax,

You’re excited to get strong, decompress, stabilize, play!

You yearn for a practice that goes deeper than the physical, a spiritual anchor to help you connect to your inner source of guidance, power, and peace.

To find fresh approaches to complexity and gain confidence, grace and exuberance.

You value connection, community – and you’re beyond ready to trade in the tiresome individualism, competition, and spiritual bypassing of mainstream yoga for a practice that uplifts the messy, imperfect, gorgeous realness of being authentically you.

You’re hungry for the richness of lineage, spirituality, philosophy that makes yoga profound, and you want to understand how your asana practice connects to the rest of your life.

If so, you’re in the right place!


I’m so glad we found each other. 



I teach yoga in the rigorous, adaptive, somatically precise method of the Iyengar lineage through an anti-oppression framework that uplifts inner healing towards collective liberation. I primarily teach asana, but not just asana for the body – asana as a conduit to explore all the aspects of yoga philosophy and more.  

Come benefit from my decades of passionate, nerdy devotion! 

For over 20 years, I’ve been excavating deep practice and I’ve developed a broad skill set to help you discover your yoga. 

As a white, queer, non-binary, trans teacher I’m committed to justice and liberation, my offerings center queer and trans folks, outsiders, allies, change makers, people who care!

I warmly welcome Black Indigenous people of Color and am honored and appreciative to have BIPOC folks who are open to a white teacher in any of my yoga offerings and spaces.

I believe everyone, especially folks who have been left out of or turned off by mainstream yoga spaces, should have access to the revitalizing nourishment of deeply informed, classical yoga without having to code switch or assimilate.

Simply put, I helped rad, sweet people like you have a delicious, more committed, life-changing yoga practice.


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Avery is an exceptional teacher.

Having failed to find Iyengar yoga that I loved in my area, I had forgotten how much I loved and benefitted from the depth and the inspiration that only a truly committed, experienced, nurturing, social justice informed, gender competent, and down to earth teacher like Avery can offer.

If you are trans, check them out!

If you want to understand yoga as a deeply spiritual approach to caring for your body, mind, and heart – take their classes!

If you are looking for yoga informed by practices of decolonization and rooted in care for community with an awareness of the complicated history of yoga as practiced in the US – their class is for you.

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“Avery’s teaching weaves profound joy and deep spirituality, physical exuberance and emotional release. Their knowledge and skills are vast. They are a caring and careful teacher, always offering modifications and alert to individual needs, adapting accordingly. And, their love of – and commitment to yoga are wonderfully infectious.”

~ Christina Bristol (she/her)