I love collaborative, impactful projects and creative opportunities to serve. I am grateful to be have been part of many amazing projects over the years, and am excited to further contribute to the inspiring work and play of movement building, culture shift, and politicized healing through yoga and wellness organizing.

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It’s been an honor to guest on the following Podcasts. We dive deep into the rich territory where embodied spirituality, politicized healing, and collective liberation intersect! Listen in wherever podcasts are found.

All The F*ck in


In this episode of ALL THE F*CK IN, Tristan (they/them) and Lauren (she/her) are joined by Avery Janeczek Kalapa (they/them)

Tune in to hear us talk about…

  • How Avery’s path led them to discovering Iyengar yoga as a place to explore boundaries and boundlessness
  • Avery’s thirst for radical imagination and creating meaningful community spaces
  • The practice of making change-work and solidarity work sustainable
  • Learning to take off their armor in yoga settings
  • The challenges and gifts of entrepreneurship as a yoga instructor committed to justice and equity
  • and more.

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

217: The Yoga of Trans* Affirmation with Avery Kalapa & Maygen Nicholson

My rich conversation with Shannon Crow, Maygen Nicholson digs deep. The trans and gender non-binary community is one that has often been marginalized and made to feel unwelcome in many places, including yoga spaces and communities. Back in March 2021, a prominent podcaster and yoga teacher, J Brown, released an episode that contained some harmful, inaccurate and hurtful content around gender and trans people (trigger warning: transphobia). However, an important part of yoga is ahimsa (not harming others and non-violence). In line with that, and with the aim of sharing the correct information about this group of people who are often misunderstood and misrepresented, this podcast episode focuses on sharing insights from people from this community.

Dare to Listen

Self-Discernment with Avery Kalapa

This conversation was recorded days after Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright’s murders and among harmful transphobic information & legislation continue to endanger those we love. Self-discernment (or viveka, the Sanskrit for discernment) is a running theme as we talked about the dynamics of white supremacy, disrupting habits & systems of harm, sustaining action within activism, permission for our mystic selves to express our art. Thank you Namah for this dynamic conversation. 

The Stance

Ep.26: Musician and Producer NAO; Demystifying Yoga

I made a brief presence in this episode as part of the Adidas Wanderlust project. Such a treat to chat with Chrystal Genesis and along with  Alli Simon, Tie Simpson, Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, Abi Nolan and Avery Kalapa at The Wanderlust Studios. 

Brands, Organizations and Studios I’ve worked with: 

I’ve had the honor to collaborate with the following brands, studios, and organizations: 

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Let’s Collaborate

I’m available for consulting, podcast interviews, collaboration, guest speaking, and guest teaching. I love aligned opportunities to teach, speak, write, model, create content, art, and more. I’m grateful for the many cool projects I’ve been part of over the last several years, and I’m all in for culture building and community care at the intersection of yoga and collective healing. 


  • Alignment, anatomy, ways of working
  • Queer, Nonbinary, Trans Inclusion in Yoga
  • Deconstructing Systemic Oppression and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Justice/ Collective Liberation Oriented Yama and Niyama
  • Yoga and Astrology
  • Queer Parenting
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Obstacles and Kleshas: What’s blocking you from true healing, happiness?
  • A Non-binary approach for the Pelvic Floor and Birth
  • Critical whiteness, white fragility, compassionate capacity building in Antiracism work
  • Stability, Mobility
  • The Psoas, Fear, Nervous System Regulation
  • Femur Grounding 101: Understanding Stability and Mobility in the Hip Joint
  • Body Positivity and weight loss culture
  • Back Care Basics
  • Spiritual Bypassing
  • Radical Imagination, Divine Guidance 
  • Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Issues
  • Restorative Yoga: Heal Anxiety, Insomnia and more.
  • Pranayama Foundations: Discovery of the Breath
  • Queer/ Trans Community Yoga Focus
  • Reclaiming Joy

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