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Join Avery for a FREE WORKSHOP 

How to Have a Nourishing, Sustainable Yoga Practice

without Getting Derailed by Perfectionism 

LIVESTREAM | Thu Aug 25th • 5:00pm – 6:15pm MDT


Do you want a richer, more inspired, committed yoga practice, but keep falling off rhythm and then end up being hard on yourself?

A deep, consistent yoga practice is a game changer.

It catalyzes goodness in EVERY aspect of life!

It helps you feel more at peace in your mind, strong and relaxed in your body, connected to a sense of collective purpose and spiritual strength, that no one can take away. It’s… fucking powerful!  

But have you found despite loving it, you haven’t been able to keep it up?

Do you feel discouraged, and like you don’t have capacity, time, energy to add in more…?

Come shift your relationship with Yoga.

Ignite a deeper, more satisfying, life changing, consistent practice…


In just an hour, you’ll learn: 


  • The 3 major obstacles (antarayah) keeping folks committed to collective liberation from showing up consistently for yoga. And how to work with them – as sacred inquiry that’s part of your practice, that affirms your worthiness and centers self compassion. 


  • How to use a simple 4 layered framework that will support you in having an inspiring, meaningful, and truly nourishing practice that’s sustainable, without feeling like you’re never doing enough for it to “count.” This simple reframe will reduce overwhelm and create new possibility.


  • Reignite your enthusiasm for practice, without overcommitting – so you can get relief, and reconnect to what you love about being alive.


  • We’ll even craft a plan together (bring your journal!) to help you take next steps on your practice.



And, hey, it’s free.


Be truly nourished, strong, and spiritually powerful through affirming, committed, adaptive yoga practice without bypassing your body or the wisdom of your lived experience.


Are you ready to reclaim your love of practice?

yoga collage showing sacred texts, Sanskrit, science, anatomy, trans rights flag, asana and other symbols of the sadhana support collective

Join Avery for the inspiring FREE WORKSHOP!

If you only knew how much a committed yoga practice would change your life, you’d drink from that nectar every day.

Too many counterculture yoga lovers want a deeper, more committed practice, but don’t realize how within reach it is, if they had the right support. 

Because the truth is, you weren’t meant to do it alone…

“Avery’s purity of intention allows the work to be clean and clear. This has been a wonderful experience of discovery in my body.”

D.P. (she, her)

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